Jim Bitter Jerk Bait Tips Part1

He is Jim Bitter. Former Biologist of Bass biology.

In 1989, a lot of bass anglers were interested Jim Bitter. Exactly he was finished 2nd place in B.A.S.S masters classic but why he was in the spotlight?
It’s true he was won“MEGABUCKS”but the answer was his rod-work techniques.
In 1989 “MEGABUCKS” Harris Chain Of Lakes, he won this tournament that he composed jerk-bait pattern on the other hand many anglers composed common pattern. It was very shocking in those days.
At first, I explain basics of jerk-bait. One is jerk-bait is basically floating minnow (Refer to Rattlin Rogue and X-rap pictures).
Jerking (rod-work) is different straight retrieve and Twitching and Lipping. I will explain detail part2.
Floating minnow was worked jerking motion was imitate dying fish. Dying fish can see swim 3ft long very quickly then fish stop swim and floating up. These actions were very attractive for predators. Consequently Bass pounced upon jerk-bait from 10ft deep in clear water condition. If we using rod-work that we want to these action for jerk-bait. Besides we have rod-work rhythm individually.

In Jim Bitter case, he jerking jerk-bait about one foot long at a stretch and jerk twice that action. Then he wait float up bait completely and he twitching (short stroke rod-work) few times imitate dying fish motion. First twice action’s kill don’t wait float up completely but then twitching action is better waiting float up completely.

In Hiro Naito case, his jerking action is about two foot long at a stretch then kill (wait float up completely) and twitching about three times. Of course twitching is very short stroke action.
Bass strike will be cause kill action (between one rod stroke). So you should care sharpness of hook because jerking must need slack line (momentarily no tension). It’s important we should care about sharp hook then use rod-work and slack line style that have catch one more.

Now what situation is better to approach jerk-bait?
Best situation is about shallower 7foot depth, if your home lake is more deep bass suspending shallower 7 foot depth is effective situation.
Clear water is best water condition. If you use stain or murky water, you should choose spinner tail type (ex: Spin tail Bang-O) and accelerate rod stroke is effective too. In shallow water case, wider rod stroke is better.

Jim Bitter was used jerk-bait in thinly lily pad area in 1989 MEGABUCKS Harris Chain Of Lakes.Just like this picture.

Hiro reported fishing with Jim Bitter. Jim Bitter used jerk-bait length is about 5inch overwhelming. 5inch jerk bait was 60%, 4inch was 32%, 2inch was 5% in hiro’s report.

Floating minnow is require straight swimming to straight retrieve for jerk-bait. If jerk-bait swim lean right or left you should true tuning lure eye.
Next especially fish inactive condition, we think about buoyancy for jerk-bait. Not special buoyancy cause increasing strike. Therefore we will add to jerk-bait in tackle box, we should care about buoyancy.
In those days, Jim favorite jerk-bait was suspended 4inch Bang-O (Bagley) that it has little buoyancy but don’t sink. Normal 4inch Bang-O is high float bait, so inactive bass can’t chase it. Hiro (he was former Bagley’s employee) was made that suspended minnow for professional anglers requests. And that type of bait was ordered twice in one year, it was pre-winter and pre-spawning season. So you should remember suspended type is effective these season.
If you adapt floating minnow to suspend type that take care balance. Front heavy position, inclining to head position is dull to short stroke action. Best jerk-bait position is nearly horizontal.

I will write Part 2 later.

Publisher; Kosaido “Angling” 1990 April (Monthly Japanese fishing magazine)
Author; Hiro Naito, Translation; arb1200

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