I don't make jokes. I just watch fishermen and report the facts.

 Supposedly you can't find a following citation anywhere, so I made it.

By Hank Bruns
 "All fishermen are crazy." You've heard that phrase many times. It is usually said with an indulgent laugh. That's because this particular kind of craziness is a nice kind, and even those poor folks who don't fish can understand how a fisherman feels about his sport. We think that the fisherman who cannot enjoy fishing without catching fish is to be pitied. He's missing the best part of fishing, because fishing pleasure is composed of many things. Just being out in the open, away from the cares and troubles of the everyday world, is wonderful. The clean air, the beautiful skies, the birds, the animal life, are all part of fishing joy. The biggest part - catching fish - is like dessert at the end of a fine meal.

 Some things we have to learn, and somehow, because we have to learn them, it isn't much fun. But in fishing it isn't necessary to learn anything. It is possible to go out with bait and a cane pole and catch fish. But that is a very crude, very primitive kind of fishing. Tackle today is fine stuff, and it is low in price, too. There is no longer any reason anyone, even with limited cash, cannot have good sporting tackle.
 The satisfaction in catching one fish with an artificial plug, fly, or spoon is ten thousand times greater than in catching one hundred fish with a cane pole and live bait. This is because such an accomplishment is a very personal one. Nobody could do it for you. You have outwitted the fish with modern, clever means. You are the master of nature, with all its natural cunning. Therefore, since bait fishing is both old-fashioned and crude, we are going to devote very little time to it in this pamphlet. Scouts are modern. To compare fishing to aviation, we could say that cane pole fishing is the old, original gas balloon. Fishing with modern tackle is like using a jet plane. Who in the world would be interested in flying in a balloon except as a curiosity?

 Fishing is a most highly civilized form of sport. Nations which do not have sport fishing are those which have not yet attained complete development. With those people of the world fishing is strictly a food-getting proposition. We Americans work harder and play harder than most other people. We are highly civilized. We dislike brutality and cruelty, because that is the nature of civilized people. And that is another reason why fishing is the most popular American sport. We'll explain that statement. Fish are not "highly organized." They do not have a complete and sensitive nervous system. The fish has almost no sense of feeling in his mouth or lips. When you hook a fish, he feels no pain, only a natural, vague fear at being held back. He tries to get away, and some fish do a wonderful job of it. But it is simply because a fish is a brave and willing warrior, and not because he is suffering.

 No, nothing is quite as personally satisfying as casting a lure, seeing the fish come up and take it, hooking him by raising your rod, and feeling him run and pull, and seeing him leap sparkling into the air. There is an intimate, personal feeling of accomplishment in that. You did it - all by yourself. That's why one out of every four people in the United States loves to fish, loves it with an intensity that makes other say: "All fishermen are crazy."

 Before you begin to work on this badge, go to the store that sells fishing licenses and get a free copy of the fishing laws of your state. Get to know them as all good fishermen do. Remember to obey them, because they will help to protect your fishing for a long time to come.

Fishing ;Merit badge series, Boy Scout of America, 1951

"If not now, then when? If not me, then who?"

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There are main contents.KVD;Kevin VanDam,He is a one of my angling hero.I translate his article in Japanese.Also BASSMASTER Magazine and BASS Elite series pros info too.
Curation which is the definition of my blog.

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