"This world is corrupt. It's all about winning and losing. Who is ranked above and below you. The profitable and unprofitable. The accepted and unaccepted. The chosen and unchosen. They never try to give. All they care about is taking! What a miserable world we live in, A world ruled by those who will never amount to anything. This is already a Frozen World. But fortunately for us, the Flame of Hope is still burning strong. The holy flame. Tomorrow we will cleanse the world with that flame. Now the time to take back. The beautiful world where the mankind only need to true things to survive! This is our Survival Strategy!"

 "Go 80-100lb braided line with A-rig."
 Goddamn it! It never be promise in Japan. So Japanese won't fishing some places, because of A-rig litters.
 Do this style of fishing!
 Even though you increase mortality of largemouth, I don't wanna be prohibit by your fishing trashes that your alabama/umbrella-rig litters.

 Gosh I must crush it soon.

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There are main contents.KVD;Kevin VanDam,He is a one of my angling hero.I translate his article in Japanese.Also BASSMASTER Magazine and BASS Elite series pros info too.
Curation which is the definition of my blog.

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