Edwin Evers’ shallow water system

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Any good system starts with good equipment. For Evers, it centers on his rod and reel, a 7-foot heavy Pro Qualifier paired with a 6.3:1 Pro Qualifier reel. “I’m not a big fan of a heavy 7 1/2-foot flipping sticks,” Evers said. “That’s hard on my elbows. This rod is light, and I can flip a bait way up under cover.”


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To get good hook-ups with that combination, Evers insists on using braided line. He ties 65-pound braid to a 25-pound fluorocarbon leader with a double uni knot. “I wrap about 10 times on the braid side and seven times on the fluorocarbon side,” Evers said. “You just want to make sure it cinches down well. If it wraps or you have to sit there and fiddle with it, you better just do it again.”

 フックアップ率を上げていく方法として、Eversはブレイデッドラインを使うことを主張します。彼は65ポンドのブレイデッドラインに25ポンドのフロロカーボンリーダーをdouble uni knot(ダブルユニノット/電車結び)で結びます。「ブレイデッドライン側を約10回巻き付け、フロロカーボン側を7回巻き付けます。」「ノットが確実であることをよく確認しておきます。ノットが不完全であるならば、巻き直した方が良いでしょう。」

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Every fish matters and braided line helps compensate for being out of position when a fish strikes. Fluorocarbon balances things out in clearer water. “It’s a confidence deal when I get in clearer water - I like to have that fluorocarbon,” Evers said. “Also, braid makes a little noise going through water or going through grass, so you are not getting that. “


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At this point, Evers has pretty much narrowed his bait selection down to one lure, the YUM Wooly Bug, which he uses in three colors: Cajun Neon, Black/Blue Shadow and Big O Craw. “That covers all my different water clarities,” Evers said. “Anytime you are flipping those things, it is stained or murky water; which you choose just depends on how muddy it is. I’ll start off with the Cajun Neon, and as it gets muddy, I’ll go to the Black/Blue Shadow.”

現在のところ、Eversは極端にベイトの選択肢を絞り、1種類のルアー、YUM Wooly BugをCajun Neon,Black/Blue Shadow,Big O Crawの3色しか使いません。「これらのカラーは様々な水の色に対応します。」「これらをフリッピングしているときは、常に水がステインかマッディなのか濁りに合わせてカラーを選択するべきです。Cajun Neonから使い始め、マッディまで濁っていれば、Black/Blue Shadowを使うでしょう。」

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Evers uses a 1/4-ounce Bass Pro Shops tungsten weight a majority of the time, but if he’s around heavy cover or needs to get way back into an area, he’ll switch to a 3/8-ounce weight. “I just pay really close attention to the tungsten weights,” Evers said. “You are going to get a few bad ones, I don’t care who makes them. Look for the insert to go all the way through. If the insert doesn’t go past each end, you are better off just throwing it in the lake, ‘cause that’s where it’s going to be the first time you set the hook.”


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There is one other bait that Evers has used a lot over the past few years with great success. Until recently, he had kept it under wraps, but he just told YUM about it and they introduced their version of the “Pumpkin Ed” at ICAST this past year. Before that, he was hand pouring the bait himself. “It’s a flat piece of lead from 3/16 to 5/8 ounce with a hook, a big Mustad Deep Throat hook, where you can put a big piece of plastic on it.”

 Eversには、数年前から使って釣果を出している他のベイトがあります。最近まで彼は隠していましたが、それを1年前にYUMに伝え、製品化し、ICASTで発表したのが"Pumpkin Ed"です。製品化の前には、彼は自分で作っていました。「それは平らな部分を持った3/16-5/8オンスのヘッドに深いギャップの針を持ったジグで、大型のソフトプラスティックベイトを付けます。」

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The advantage with the Pumpkin Ed is that it helps the bait stand up on the bottom. Picture a power fishing version of a shaky head. Put any kind of big plastic bait on it and throw it around the same shallow cover. Evers has been getting bites on it he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

 Pumpkin Edの利点は、ボトムでベイトを立った状態にできることです。シェイキーヘッドをパワー・フィッシング用にしたものと言えるでしょう。様々なソフトプラスティック・ベイトを付けて、シャローカヴァーを釣ることができます。これによって他のベイトでバイト得られない時でも、バイトを得られるようになりました。

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The final piece to the shallow-water puzzle, at least as far as equipment is concerned, is his Wiley X sunglasses. Evers uses the Air Rage models with Blue Mirror lenses. “Anytime you can see something under the water, it’s just one more cast you get to make, one more place that maybe someone else didn’t see,” Evers said. “Especially on falling water, anytime you can see something down under the water, it may not be seen the rest of the year and that fish hasn’t been harassed.”

 シャロー・ウォーターでの釣りに必要なものは、偏光グラスです。彼が使うのはWiley XのAir Rage Blue Mirrorレンズのモデルです。「いつも水面下が見えているということは、1キャストでも多く他のアングラーが見えていない場所へキャストすることができ魚を得る機会を与えてくれます。」「特に減水時期は、魚を脅えさせることもなく水面下に何があるのか見ることができますが、1年でも見られることはそうありません。」

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He keeps his approach to shallow cover relatively simple. Make a cast to the best areas and keep moving. “If I’m going to make multiple casts to shallow cover, it will be with a crankbait,” Evers said. “I’m just trying to hit all the high points: either side of a stump or laydown, for example. It’s a matter of covering enough water and putting it on one’s head.”


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Evers also stressed the importance of boat positioning. Making too much noise with the trolling motor or boat can spook fish holding in extremely shallow water. “The biggest thing is constant speed with your trolling motor, but those Power Poles have really helped my game more than anything,” Evers said. “A lot of times, I’m out of control flying to the next piece of cover and I see something. I can drop those poles and it will stop me without making any noise at all so I can fish there.”

 Eversはボートポジションの重要性も強調します。極端に浅い水域では、トローリングモーターやボートで音を立て過ぎることは、魚を脅えさせることになります。「最も重要なことは、トローリングモーターのスピードを一定にしてしまうことですが、Power Poleはそれに取って代わってシャロー・カヴァー・ゲームを手助けしてくれます。」「コントロールできない状態で素早く次に狙うカヴァーが見えたら、それらのポールを下ろすことで、音を出すことも無くそのカヴァーで魚を釣ることも多いです。」

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The success of this system depends in part on time of year and varies from lake to lake. But don’t let any preconceived notions fool you into thinking the fish aren’t there. Some places, bass stay shallow regardless of the heat. “To speak generally, fishing shallow is better in the spring and fall across the country,” Evers said. “Depending on what lake you are on, they can be shallow year-round. There is a lake by my house where they never get deeper than 5 feet. There are places where that’s just where they live, up shallow.”


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Evers proved just how deadly his approach can be when he survived a challenging format at the Evan Williams Bourbon All-Star Championship in July on the Alabama River and finished second behind rookie Ott Defoe. Despite frequently changing water levels, Evers found a shallow bite all four days of the tournament and came within a few ounces of taking home the trophy.

 6月のAlabama Riverで行われたEvan Williams Burbon All-Star Championshipでは、ルーキーのOtt Defoeに次いで2位という成績は、彼のアプローチがいかに有効であるかという証明です。水位が激しく変動していたにも関わらず、Eversはトーナメントの4日間全てを、トロフィーまで数オンスに迫るバイトの数々をシャローで得たのでした。

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