Power fishing vs Finesse fishing in Japan

Do Japanese always like small one?
Power fishing vs Finesse fishing

 I guess the most Japanese anglers have a finesse fishing tackle. Believe it or not, some Japanese anglers believe, they can catch many fish(the tendency is especially smallmouth bass) for a 3lb or more less line. In addition, they tend to use a small soft-plastic bait;one to three inch.If the bait is smaller than others,it will be bring many fish for them. I don' want to believe it, but it's true story in Japan. You can watch them more often on YouTube etc. Moreover, Why they think a thinner line and a small baits;finesse fishing style are more efficient than power fishing. I disagree finesse fishing is the best style. I have several reasons why finesse fishing is NOT the best style.
 First, you won't catch if bass is in a heavy cover. The 3lb line is easy to break, so you won't catch any fish inside there. Some people say,"The lake is open water, I never see any cover.", but would you check bluff cover in the water or structure? Most lake has covers if you can't see them. And the structure become as cover, so edge of drop off or ledge could be damage your line. How do you expect it? Can you avoid it? But you won't control fish because of a ultra light rod and a thinner line. Second, the finesse fishing style is slow. So, you wouldn't catch any fish if you weren't find out a good spot. Because you'll lose your precious time to find out a one fish. One fish tells us next one fish, so you should catch as quickly as possible. But ultra light tackle is not easy to catch fish. fish can swim away easier because the rod hasn't enough backbone to control fish. You'd take too much time if you weren't use the rod which has backbone. Third, If you caught fish, the fish might be small. You imagine, does the big bass will satisfy by one small bait? I guess,"No". The big bass feed the big bait because she feels full of stomach for once. If she feed the small bait, She need more energy. Let's think, If a person did finesse fishing one day, he or she could catch five 1lb bass. But If you did power fishing, you could catch two 3lb fish. If you are going to one day fishing, which is easy to get heavier weight? I already explain which style is quickly find out fish.
 I know the finesse style was made in U.S.. It was from certain clear water lakes. But If I watch anglers in Japan, they don't use power fishing for a long time. I think following this thought, Gary Klein and Hiro Naito said "You should have confidence yourself, Lure helps you catch the fish but you're angler, tie and cast is yours.".
 I don't think the finesse fishing style is the best from these reasons. USE A LIVE BAIT if you want to JUST catch more fish. If you weren't this type of angler, you must think about these.

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