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 In Japanse Bass fishing world, bass anglers don't much care other specific fishing tackles. I know sometimes those tackles are too specific to utilize bass fishing. But I often utilize them as bass fishing tackles.
 First of all, fishing line is easy to utilize. However fishing line is essential to fish, many angler overlook fishing line properties. One of property, line strech which is affect lure action. If line stretch is low, you will get more sharply erratic action when you jerk a rod. On the other hand, line stretch is high which is help to absorb a highly shock of closed the boat strikes. Now I introduce the line which has low stretch, and most bass angler never use it.

The line is
ユニチカ(UNITIKA)キャスライン磯投 5号 ブルー

ユニチカ(UNITIKA)キャスライン磯投 5号 ブルー

 The line specialized casting and rock fishing. Because of a long casting fishing style, the line stretch is low. Also to fish around sharp edge of rock, it needs strength of abrasion.
 I used it Rattlin' Spook(top-water) at first. I guess the line is absolutely low stretch in this price. It is typical No.5(.370mm) size, so I compare to "Silver Thread S.A.R 20lb" which diameter is '.388mm'.

Therefore they have different diameter, you will feel difference of line stretch. Predictably No.5(.370mm) size is stretching than '.388mm' size. But the recommended line has enough low stretch property, I felt. If you want similar or more less stretching property, you should up the size to No.6(.405mm).
ユニチカ(UNITIKA)キャスライン磯投 6号 ブルー

ユニチカ(UNITIKA)キャスライン磯投 6号 ブルー

 I recommend No.5(.370mm) size light weight jerkbait like Smithwick Rattlin'Rogue, No.6(.405mm) is middle to heavy weight like Spook,ARC(5in jerkbait),Pencil Popper etc. If you use the line to top-water, you will realize the potential that easy to work zigzag action with easy line mending depends low stretch.
 It has just a fault which is fluorescence line color. It may effect angler's mind. If you lose your confidence to fish, you won't get success with this line. I didn't much care about line color to use top-water to subsurface water column. If I feel disturbed my fishing with line, I think the lure action which doesn't enough to attract fish. So You rely on your mental action. I just say about it, believe your confidence,and you work properly that will be success.
 Because of the reasonable price, it highly recommend. You won't spend a lot of money anymore.

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